International S.P.A.S. Federation

The International S.P.A.S. Federation was established in 2014, gathering clubs that had been involved in teaching S.P.A.S. and other hand-to-hand combat systems. Currently, it has branches in 4 countries: Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

There are over 7000 students who accomplished S.P.A.S. training programs.

Although S.P.A.S. is a system initially created for self-defense and not for sport competition, our students are multiple medalists of amateur hand-to-hand combat, knife combat and grappling tournaments.

ISF goals:

The International S.P.A.S. Federation was established to popularize S.P.A.S. combat system and to enable:

  • improvement of regular people’s personal safety
  • development of training systems for various units
  • popularization of sport and healthy lifestyle
  • cooperation with organizations from around the world in the area of self-defense

The International S.P.A.S. Federation offers a full range of training courses and full training programs, considering different levels. After completing each level, students of S.P.A.S. are subjected to validation, aimed at determining the level of the student and verification of skills acquired during training. Those who successfully pass validation, receive a certificate entitling them to participate in the next level of S.P.A.S. training.

High requirements for S.P.A.S. instructors guarantee a high level of education, in accordance with international guidelines of the ISF. The main task of the ISF is professional training of instructors and supervision over the process of teaching the S.P.A.S. system wherever it operates.

Hand-to-hand combat

At first students are introduced to the basic arsenal of techniques, which is a combination of punch and kick, more...

Knife fighting

S.P.A.S. Knife fighting is a system of knife use against armed and unarmed opponents or a group of opponents more...

Handheld weapons

As a self-defense center we include the practice of using everyday use objects or e.g. kubotan to maximise more...

Ground fighting

We teach two kinds of grappling work – one is for sport competition (e.g. MMA) more...

Tactics and shooting

Courses (Tactics and techniques) for the police, courses  (Tactics and techniques) for bodyguards, security more...

Physical conditioning

Training with the use of Kettlebells for supporting motility of people practicing martial arts  more...