On May 13, 2017, a special S.P.A.S. sport knife fighting seminar was held in Poland, conducted by two instructors from International Federation S.P.A.S. – Roman Minikayev (Poland, Warsaw) and Pavel Luchanok (Belarus, Minsk). The seminar, focused on presentation of pushes in the corps and the defense against them used in S.P.A.S. system, was organized in cooperation with the FMA representatives in Poland. It was attended by the FMA Academy partners and the Kobra School of Martial Arts.

The aim of the meeting was to present new technical solutions used in the S.P.A.S. sport knife fighting and to convince our partners from the FMA to introduce some technical solutions to competitions they organize. The technical solutions presented by our instructors were very well adopted by all participants. Therefore, we express our thanks to the judges and FMA instructors for fruitful discussions and valuable comments on this subject.

The second block of the seminar, focused on knife techniques and two hand-sticks used in Filipino martial arts, was led by Robert Kwiatkowski – FMA instructor. We very much enjoyed the opportunity to exchange experience, friendly atmosphere of cooperation and sports competition with representatives of different combat system.

Looking forward to next meetings on the mat, competitions and joint events!