S.P.A.S. training levels

S.P.A.S. training program is prepared in a way that enables students to acquire the correct self-defense habits as quickly as possible and gain new skills based on the previously learned techniques.

Hand to hand combat


С1 – Fundamentals of self-defense

Available attack zones, defense against gripping, basics of striking, control of personal space.

С2 – Self-defense with strikes

Basic strike arsenal, passive sectoral defense, base schemes of strike back

С3 – Aggressive self-defense

An extended arsenal of kicks and strikes, nonstandard and shocking hits. Working with self-defense schemes.

С4 – Fundamentals of hand-to-hand combat

Combination of punches and kicks in one dynamic, training of attacking and counter-attack schemes. Opponent deception schemes.

С5 – Hand-to-hand combat in S.P.A.S.

Active sectoral defense, patterns of violent transition to the counterattack, nonstandard striking schemes.

С6 – Basics of close range combat in S.P.A.S.

Interrupting opponents strikes, opponent control in stance.

С7 – Melee in S.P.A.S.

Hitting in close range, safe kicking, methods of interrupting opponents attacks, advanced opponent control in stance.

С8 – Advanced melee fighting

Throws and overthrows (deepening arsenal of techniques), anti-grappling techniques, control on the ground and fighting with very aggressive opponents, fight in pairs


Knife fighting / knife defense

К1 – Knife fighting fundamentals

Basic attack techniques (cutting, pushing, chopping) and counterattacks. The basics of fighting tactics, working at different distances. Sectors and areas of attack.

К2 – Practical sport knife fight

Complete technical arsenal of attacks and defense, work with distance, depth and attack levels combining several attacking techniques into sequences. Tactics of fighting, leading off successful attacks and counterattacks.

К3 – Integrated knife fighting

Knife clinching, methods of clinch initiations, off-hand striking and kicking in knife fighting, working with any knife surface, scheme of merging strokes, cuts and thrusts.


Techniques for using kubotan in self-defense, including defense against punches and kicks, defense against gripping and overthrows. Schemes of attack and counterattack, combining kubotan work with off-hand and kicks. Use of kubotan on the ground.

К4- Knife in hand-to-hand combat

Knife defense in street fighting situations. Defend against kicks and punches, fight against a group of people, defend against blackmails with knives.

К5 – Special knife lighting techniques

Clinch in knife fighting, grappling with knife

Techniques to pull out the knife during the fight, schemes of work against the unarmed opponents, defense against knife attack, counteracting knife extraction out by the opponent.

Ground fighting


G1 – Basics of fighting on the ground

Fundamentals of working on the ground. Acquiring comfortable position, escape from fighting on the ground. Basic chokes and levers, enemy control - a practical street arsenal.

G2 – Fight on the ground

Extended techniques arsenal. Rapid switches between techniques. Defense methods, advanced grappling techniques.

G3 – grappling without rules

Street lighting grappling arsenal.  Strikes and manipulation of the opponents sensitive body parts in battle on the ground, control and extraction of weapons on the ground.­­­

Hand-to-hand combat

At first students are introduced to the basic arsenal of techniques, which is a combination of punch and kick, more...

Knife fighting

S.P.A.S. Knife fighting is a system of knife use against armed and unarmed opponents or a group of opponents more...

Handheld weapons

As a self-defense center we include the practice of using everyday use objects or e.g. kubotan to maximise more...

Ground fighting

We teach two kinds of grappling work – one is for sport competition (e.g. MMA) more...

Tactics and shooting

Courses (Tactics and techniques) for the police, courses  (Tactics and techniques) for bodyguards, security more...

Physical conditioning

Training with the use of Kettlebells for supporting motility of people practicing martial arts  more...