Open seminars and workshops

ISF offers wide range of open seminars and workshops focussing on different areas, e.g.: hand-to-hand combat for civilian self-defense, sport knife fighting and knife combat for civilians. These seminars are available for everyone – S.P.A.S. clubs and other clubs that teach different self-defense systems. ISF seminars are a great opportunity to get familiar with S.P.A.S. system and its various aspects.

If you are interested in organizing one of ISF seminar, please contact ISF.

Currently, there are available 7 open seminars:

Technical set of realistic self-defense:

  • Which body areas to attack and how to perform strikes.
  • Sector defense (effective defense against punches). Push and punch (defense against typical grasps).
  • Performing striking combinations. Fundamentals of the Personal Safety Concept.

Aggressive self-defense:

  • Distance control, blocking and striking defense against grasps. Defense against 1,2 or 3 strike combos.
  • Use of sector defense. Attacking the neck, groin and occiput in self-defense situations.
  • Methods of techinque training and their execution in real-life situations. “Escape” and “Withdrawal” tactical schemes.

ABC of sport knife fighting:

  • Basic stance and hand position in knife-to-knife fighting. Useful knife attack techniques and their objectives.
  • Types of defense techniques (distance work, bringing hands down and wedge driving).
  • Principles of forming stabbing and cutting combinations
  • Knife fighting fundamental tactics.

Aspects of applied knife combat in self-defense:

  • Knife carrying tips.
  • Knife interception and attack skills. Using knife in strike defense.
  • Non-lethal knife techniques.

Companion safety:

The subject of training involves armed and unarmed defense of our companions (partners etc.) in cases of his (her) lack of self-defense or escaping abilities.  Technical and tactical set, the problem of companion’s withdrawal from a threatening situation and other relevant aspects of this kind of circumstances will be scrutinized carefully.


Kubotan in realistic self-defense:

  • Kubotan as an instrument for striking defense.
  • Combination of sector defense and kubotan strikes.
  • Striking combinations dedicated to a street fight.
  • and many other.

Improvised weapons in self-defense:

Use  of pens, small bags, keys, sticks and other ‘at hand’ objects in self-defense. Ways of using these improvised tools in combination with strikes.

Hand-to-hand combat

At first students are introduced to the basic arsenal of techniques, which is a combination of punch and kick, more...

Knife fighting

S.P.A.S. Knife fighting is a system of knife use against armed and unarmed opponents or a group of opponents more...

Handheld weapons

As a self-defense center we include the practice of using everyday use objects or e.g. kubotan to maximise more...

Ground fighting

We teach two kinds of grappling work – one is for sport competition (e.g. MMA) more...

Tactics and shooting

Courses (Tactics and techniques) for the police, courses  (Tactics and techniques) for bodyguards, security more...

Physical conditioning

Training with the use of Kettlebells for supporting motility of people practicing martial arts  more...